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Smart ZigBee Smoke Sensor for Detecting smoke fire Security Alarm

This smart ZigBee photoelectric sensor, detector is for automatically detecting smoke fire danger and alert you and your family timely. It is capable of real-time detecting the presence of smoke, detection of visible particles (smouldering fire) faster than ionisation smoke alarms. But it is an warning device, cannot sense gas, heat, flame or put out fire.

Features & Specifications

  • Monitor and control APP from anywhere;
  • Local alarm and APP alert from anywhere;
  • ZigBee ZHA automatic wireless networking;
  • Automatic threshold adjustment technology to enhance the stability of the detector, efficiently anti-false alarm;
  • It adopts extra low power consumption zigbee wireless module with long battery lifespan;
  • It is designed with double reeds and can be used in different direction, easy installation and flexible to use;
  • It is suitable for home, office, hospital, hotel ...
  • A ZigBee Bridge (ZigBee ZHA or ZigBee 3.0) bridge is required

  • Voltage: DC3V (1x CR123A Lithium battery)
  • Standby current: < 10ua
  • Alarm current: <60ma
  • Sound level: 85db/3m
  • Dimension: 60x60x49mm
  • Wireless Protocol: ZigBee-ZHA
  • Battery lifespan: > 1 year