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Smart ZigBee Infrared Motion Sensor for Home Automation & Security Alarm

This smart ZigBee infrared motion sensor, detector is for automatically detecting someone approaching. It is designed for 

-- triggering security alarm when an intruder is approaching;

-- home automation (i.e. automatically turn on / off lights when you are moving close or away);

Features & Specifications

  • Monitor and control APP from anywhere;
  • ZigBee ZHA automatic wireless networking;
  • Automatic threshold adjustment technology to enhance the stability of the detector, efficiently anti-false alarm;
  • It adopts extra low power consumption zigbee wireless module with long battery lifespan;
  • It is designed with double reeds and can be used in different direction, easy installation and flexible to use;
  • It is suitable for home, office, hospital, hotel ...
  • A ZigBee Bridge (ZigBee ZHA or ZigBee 3.0) bridge is required;

  • Voltage: DC3V (1x CR2032 cell battery)
  • Standby current: < 17ua
  • Alarm current: <30ma
  • Detecting Angle: 90 degrees
  • Installation Height: 2.1m
  • Detecting Distance: 9-12m
  • Wireless Protocol: ZigBee-ZHA
  • Battery lifespan: > 1 year